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Black Label Candle Company is a small family-owned home fragrance brand owned by Tiffany Trejo. Founded in 2019, BLCC has quickly grown to become a up and coming home fragrance brand in Wichita. We are passionate about bringing upscale, luxurious candles that are non-toxic.


BLCC started as a small fundraiser back in 2018. Tiffany was in Graduate school and decided to use her hobby of making candles as a way to raise money for her research trip. After successfully funding and completing her trip in November of 2018, she returned to Kansas to find that she had inadvertently created a small group of loyal customers, who wanted to buy more candles. After testing out her success online and in markets, Tiffany decided to turn her candle-making hobby into a full-fledged business, and launched BLCC in March of 2019.